Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's to 2009

Its a new year! And it is natural to make lists, get organized, and think about what I can accomplish this year. My friend Elaine has made a 101 list to complete in 1001 days. I have a rough draft but have realized that I have NO CLUE what life is going to be like after the baby is here. And so, I have a rough list of 50 things, and plan to finish the list after he the little tyke is born and I have a more realistic perspective.

The start of a new year also makes you reflect on the previous year. For starters, I feel like I was pregnant for the ENTIRE year of 2008. And so I am really hoping the next 2 months and 16 days goes by quickly...please!!

Christmas was amazing. Good family, good friends, good food, good times! However, I'm not going to lie that I am excited to not hear Christmas music anymore. I love the holidays, and I love music, but I think I just started listening too early this year. Not to mention, I cannot STAND Little Drummer Boy. I mean, if you have a drum, just play it. No need to pa rum pa pa pum sing about it. We all know what a drum sounds like.

Well, here's to an exciting 2009...we can't wait and are hanging on for the wild ride!!!

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Elaine and Ryan said...

I can't wait to see your list!
You look great- I can't wait to hold this little baby!
Happy New Year- and yes lets do something SOBER together soon! :)