Monday, December 22, 2008

I am Ironman!

What a wonderful Birthday! Yes, I know it is just a few days away from Christmas, but I had to share with everyone just how excited I am to break out my gift from my parents. The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller (I may not compete in the Ironman, but now I will sure look cool). This bad boy has adjustable tracking, quick-release wheels, easy-folding design, high pressure 16 inch road tires, suspension system, and pretty much a title that says "yes I'm a badass" when running with it.

Yeah that's right. I am pretty excited about my new toy. It is of course still in the box, but once I feel comfortable running again, it will become my newest training tool. Ryan is a little bummed that it has a weight capacity of 70 pounds and he can't go for a ride too. But then again, I'm sure he will feel jealous about all kinds of toys the baby will have that he cannot fit into.

Which btw...I am now into the DOUBLE DIGITS (88 days left!!!) in the countdown to Baby Gapp. A Whoo Hooo.

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