Sunday, November 27, 2011

Take a Back Road

Just when the colors were prefect, I had a chance to take a trip to Southern Colorado for a work presentation.  I was actually pretty pumped about it as it would give me plenty of time (5 hours one way in fact) to drive, ponder my thoughts, and jam out to some tunes.  Number one song choice was Rodney Atkin's Take a Back Road....because that is just what I did!  It was also a perfect day for me and my Canon to check it all out "Behind the Lens".

Song on the Blog:
Rodney Atkins - Take a Back Road

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Webtastic Spiderman and a Fully Padded Dragon

This Halloween, the Ty Man was Spiderman.  It was as if he knew just what he wanted to be.  We took him to the local costume shop to pick out his perfect disguise.  I was certain he was going to pick out Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, or Lightning McQueen (all characters that he is loving at the moment).  But instead...he went straight for the Webtastic Spiderman as if it was calling his name.  He loved his new costume so much and even slept with the mask in his hand. 

Trick or treating went great.  If you know Ty, then you know this little guy will never turn down a piece of candy (or any food for that matter).  And so he caught on quickly that he could grab candy from all the neighbors just by ringing a doorbell and looking Oh-So-Cute.  

He was even lucky enough to Trick or Treat with his BFF, Paul the Dragon.  They ran around chasing each other to the next house, squealed and screamed like these two boys love to do...and even participated in a nice body slam.  No we were finishing up at the last house Tyson took off running full speed ahead.  And with the combo of the dark sky and the Spiderman Mask, he didn't see the Paul the Dragon at all and gave him a full force 39 pound body slam.  Thank goodness Paul the Dragon was fully padded!!!  

Either way it was a successful Halloween and I must admit that I am looking forward to next year when us Mom's can just stand at the end of the driveway and not have to hold the candy bags...or even better, stay inside while the Dad's have their turn  :)

Song on the blog:  
You've got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman