Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bed Rest it is....

Well, I have made it through week one of bed rest....only 3 more to go. I have been put on bed rest for preterm contractions and can be off when I reach 36 weeks on Feb 20th. After that, it is back to my normal pregnancy restricted life. I am waiting for that day when I can at least go for a walk. Seriously, today makes it pretty hard. Here I am sitting with the window open on this beautiful 60-degree-spring-like-Saturday just wishing I could be outside doing something. Knowing that most people I know will be taking advantage of this day some how.

But I must say that Ryan has been amazing! Taking care of absolutely everything - cleaning, cooking, shopping. Its hard for me to realize that I will not go to a single store this King Soopers, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Park Meadows mall, and NO TARGET! Probably a good thing for our bank account and probably a solution my Dad would have wished for with my mom and me.

So I am hoping for these 3 weeks to go by quickly. Thank you friends and family that have stopped by or offered to soon. I do have a line up of movies, books, and Super Mario Kart to keep me busy. Feel free to send any emails or messages!! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Showered with so much love

Well, we are all now set and the baby's room is 95% ready to go (yes, I promise I will post pictures soon!) But I must give a special thanks to all our friends and family that came to celebrate with us and showered us with gifts. I have everything unpacked, clothes washed and put away. By the way...the amount of tags, clips, and other security devices put on all baby clothes and toys is amazing! I swear we will be cleaning up little plastic strips forever.

The first shower was hosted by Karlyn, Tori, Destre, and Katie. It was a fabulous time, with great food (thanks again for the black seedless grapes!!), and amazing company. Seriously, I have the best girls ever!! I noticed a few things during the introduction of everyone. One, I was definitely in the minority. Only 3 of my friends have had kids and there were two with one the way. A lot of the advice was, "well, I don't have kids, but ready when you are for a girls night". Oh trust me ladies, I will definitely be taking you up on that!! But the other thing I noticed was how long I have known most of my friends. Some date back to kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and just after. I really do have the most amazing girlfriends!! So thank you!

The second shower was hosted by my Mom, with help from Diane, Marcie, and Chris. Again, it was great to see family and friends and have everyone there to celebrate. And it is always a pleasure to get my mom's gang of friends together. Most of them have known me since I was either born or very little sitting in meetings with my Mom. So its been quite the adventure for them as well. And since most at this shower are mom's themselves, I definitely took in all the advice. And I also must say that the tear jerker awards go to Tori and my Aunt Francene! :)

Again, thanks to everyone for all your love and support!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ma, There's Nothing To Do In Here

So I just saw the cutest book called, "Ma There's Nothing To Do In Here." And I imagine that the Gappster is yelling that out every day. So as I wonder what the heck is going on, I have come to two conclusions. One, he is using my bladder as a punching bag. Getting ready to flex those guns with Daddy. And two, he is finding his love for music just like Mom and practicing his Riverdance. Not that I can dance...aside from the classic running man or roger rabbit... nor do I consider myself Lord of the Dance, but I'm pretty sure that's what he is thinking. And so, maybe it is the combination of the two. Here he is, dancing to the theme of Rocky with his boxing gloves on but with his legs flying around like Michael Flatley.

Some other realizations I have come up with the last couple of weeks: One, I have surpassed the use of a napkin and graduated to a bid. Seriously, I now place the napkin on my belly after noticing that when it is on my lap, it doesn't do a darn thing! Luckily we are not the classy type and I am not dining at the Brown Palace any time soon.

Two, tights and panty hose are horrible inventions for pregnant women. And trust me, no one looks as classy as the picture to the left. I post this to give a visual, but cringe at it because there's no way I can pull off that or those heels! I am to the point where putting on socks or anything that requires two hands is quite the task. However, putting on tights...that's a HUGE project that takes at least 15 minutes. I would like to say no to the tights, but seeing how it is not only freezing outside, but I think the world would appreciate to not see my pastey-white-vericose-vein-legs! So yes, I am doing us all a favor. And I suppose you could say that I am getting my work out in for the day when putting them on.

And three, charlie horses are the worst!! Here I am, sleeping peacefully (until the next hourly bathroom break), and BAM, POW, SMACK (which ever sound you prefer) - my calf, lower calf, or arch in my foot are now curled up and unable to move! Talk about a rude awakening.

But I guess this just all prepares me for motherhood, right?? Getting food all over myself, simple tasks taking much longer, and BAM - the rude awakening and lack of sleep I have heard so much about. 65 days and counting...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's to 2009

Its a new year! And it is natural to make lists, get organized, and think about what I can accomplish this year. My friend Elaine has made a 101 list to complete in 1001 days. I have a rough draft but have realized that I have NO CLUE what life is going to be like after the baby is here. And so, I have a rough list of 50 things, and plan to finish the list after he the little tyke is born and I have a more realistic perspective.

The start of a new year also makes you reflect on the previous year. For starters, I feel like I was pregnant for the ENTIRE year of 2008. And so I am really hoping the next 2 months and 16 days goes by quickly...please!!

Christmas was amazing. Good family, good friends, good food, good times! However, I'm not going to lie that I am excited to not hear Christmas music anymore. I love the holidays, and I love music, but I think I just started listening too early this year. Not to mention, I cannot STAND Little Drummer Boy. I mean, if you have a drum, just play it. No need to pa rum pa pa pum sing about it. We all know what a drum sounds like.

Well, here's to an exciting 2009...we can't wait and are hanging on for the wild ride!!!