Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can't Get Enough of You Baby

Well, its official, we just can't get enough of Tyson and are completely in L-O-V-E. Even with all the poopy diapers! (And yes, I know its just getting started!) We are getting into a routine and starting some things that we hope to continue. We both love reading "You Are My I Love You" to Ty each night, even knowing that we will be awake in just a few hours with him again. But like my friend Lynlee said, there is something almost peaceful and joyful about those midnight feedings. Its just Ty, me, pure silence, and pure love. Ryan of course continues to be an amazing husband and even more an amazing Dad. I have even seen him dance around the room with Ty and it just melts my heart. (Now if we can just get him more comfortable two-stepping out on the dance floor!) Ryan stayed home for the first week and is now back at work. I know that Dad misses us each day and can't wait to get home!

I have come to realize that as a new parent there are even more "Firsts" for all three of us. So far we had our first full meal, first 6 hour stretch of sleeping at night, first pee on the wall (just missing Dad), first pee on Mom, first loud toot that it woke Dad up through the baby monitor, first outing (to the Dr's office and then Target - naturally), first bath, and first licking bath from Callaway.

Another first was my "good-thing-I-didn't-cry-my-eyes-out-or-kick-you-in-the-shins" moment while we were at the doctor's appointment. We were waiting for the elevator with our adorable son on our first outing. Here is the conversation with us and the idiot-of-a-woman:

She asks, "Oh, how old is he?"
We both say, "Just 4 days old."
Idiot-of-a-woman looks at me kind of funny and then asks, "So then did you have one twin and still need to deliver the other?"
WOW I thought...that is one heck of a sarcastic comment, and even for us Lacy's.
But we both just laughed it off and got into the elevator.
She then asks, "No really, so do I take that as a yes?"
I thought, OMG - Holy crap... she was serious. Who says that?!?
I said, "Nope just one baby", biting my tongue trying not to laugh and thanking my hormones that I'm not bursting into tears.
She looks at Ty again and then asks me, "So....then is he yours?"
I said, "Yep, he's mine, still have the baby bump."
She says, "Oh well, I guess it does take time for that to go down. Well congratulations." And then FINALLY got off on the next floor.
Ryan and I both burst into the kind of uncontrollable laughter where you can hardly breath, talk, or hold back tears. We had to compose ourselves before heading into the Dr's office. I even lost it again as I was checking in and had to apologize and say that some idiot-of-a-woman just asked when I was going to have my other twin. Seriously...some people.

And finally, we wanted to thank everyone for all of your wishes, congratulations, calls, emails, and much more. We are very blessed with all of the love and support from family and friends. I am slowly getting back to everyone, so please be patient :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our family of three..Tyson has arrived!!

Tyson Keith Gappinger
Born 3/20/09 at 3:16am
Weight: 7 pounds 7 ounces
Length: 20.5 inches
And absolutely beautiful

Our Birth Story
We arrived at Sky Ridge at 9pm for our induction...And my nerves where quite high! It was very surreal just to show up and say, "Ok, here to have our baby!" Our delivery nurse, Sarita (who was amazing!!) quickly got me all set up and started to induce with Pitocin at 10pm. We were a little nervous and shocked when she mention Dr. Grover would be in at 6am to break my water (6am?!?! Are you kidding me??). But thankfully an hour later, Dr. Grover walked in at 11pm to get things going. I was so relieved to see him...not knowing what kind of pain he was about to cause. As soon as he broke my water the contractions really kicked into high gear and as I reached my pain threshold, I asked for the epidural at 11:45pm. The epidural was brought at 12:01am and I was a happy camper. The contractions felt like tightening and pressure now, just like everything I have been feeling for weeks. They checked my progress at 1am and was only dilated at 4cm. Ryan and my Mom stayed at my side, watching the screens and letting me know when the contractions started (like I couldn't tell :) but it was at least entertaining for them.) 2am, Sarita checked my progress and WOW - we were at 9cm!!! I couldn't believe it, we were just a few steps away!

Sarita got us set to start pushing at 2:45am. I always imagined that Ryan would just be there holding my hand, but he instead had a very active role. There were even times when she was bringing supplies and it was just him and I pushing. Pushing was pretty intense and I relied on my competitive nature to get me through. Yes, in my mind I would say to myself, "Alright, GAME FACE. Let's do this!" and "Balls out Kathy, Ball outs" (which is what a Scottish running coach once screamed at me while I did sprints at the track.) I even had the Salt-n-Peppa song run through my head - Push It. Either way it got me through. 3:00am, Dr. Grover came in and the final pushing began. Now, why anyone would do all of this without an epidural boggles my mind. It was definitely very painful even with it and I can't imagine having to push and have contractions without the drugs. (So more power to ya women out there that have done so!) But I felt, since I wouldn't receive a special award, trophy, or join an elite club...why go through the extra pain?

And so...3:16am - Tyson Keith came out in the world!! Tyson is a name that we have both loved for a long time. And Keith is to honor the twins that my parents had and lost. Ryan cut the umbilical cord and Tyson was immediately handed to me. I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried my eyes out. He was here. And absolutely every pain, discomfort, and day on bed rest was so worth it. He is perfect!! I looked at Ryan and knew that everything was just as we wanted. I looked over at my Mom and saw how proud and happy she was. And I looked down at this amazing miracle and knew this was the happiest day of our lives. It was truly amazing. And what a way to bring in the first day of spring :)

At the Hospital
Well...you hear how you won't get any sleep and boy is that true! We were up for 40 plus hours straight. And probably looked like zombies! We had family and friends come to meet Ty and looking back it was all a daze for me. So far, breastfeeding is going great and I think Ty and I make a great team!! We sent Tyson to the nursery at night, so we were able to get a couple of hours of sleep in between feedings. We were all three ready and anxious to go home and finally left the hospital at noon on Sunday.

Home Sweet Home
Coming home felt amazing. I finally sat up in Tyson's room, looked at everything we had prepared for months, looked at the most beautiful baby in the world...and just cried tears of joy! I really could not be any happier. Even with the lack of sleep, we are just so happy and so in love with this little man. Ryan has been incredible and so far we are starting to build a routine. The first night was a little rough at first, but he slept at little better after 3am. My mom stayed the night to help us get settled. It was just very comforting to know that we had a veteran in case something happened.

Thank You Everyone
Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has come to see us, sent emails, calls, and congratulations. As you know...our lives have changed and we are learning as we go. It will take me some time, but I will get back to all of you. We both know that Tyson will be so incredibly loved by so many people, that we really feel blessed. So thank you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The March Madness hoops tournament may start on Thursday, but for us, it will be the happiest day of our lives. :) We are scheduled to be induced this Thursday night at 9pm. And we are just SOOO excited about it. As of last week, I was progressed at 3cm and 90% effaced, so they will start the pitocin right when we get there.

We will try our best to keep everyone posted. But either way, we will have a baby this weekend!! I had tried to send out an eviction notice to Baby Gapp, but he just wasn't taking the hint. Maybe it is either my competitive nature that I just HAD to get all the way to my due date or my obsessive planning instincts that I can now really go to the hospital at a planned date and time. Either way, he will be here and we couldn't be happier!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Well, everything is about the same. Still sitting here with the Jeopardy theme song in my head and feeling like kids in the back seat yelling, "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?". However, I have changed my plan of action. I continue to go for light walks every day, but instead of going crazy with stair climbing, squats, uphill walking, etc....I decided to take the advice from Tori and get myself a relaxing massage! I had remembered our instructor during our childbirth class mentioned that a baby will more than likely come when you are relaxed versus stressing out. And of course the thought of "When will this baby get here" is constantly on my mind (along with most friends and family), but it is nice to turn my focus elsewhere. And so, I headed into Massage Envy on Sunday and LOVED IT! Why didn't I do this earlier?!?! I even had the pleasure of laying on my stomach with the pregnancy mat, which that alone was worth every penny. So far it has stirred things up a bit and the contractions have picked up....nothing huge or timeable, but heading in the right direction. I was also 2cm dilated at our appointment last Thursday. So it is a little slow, but I will definitely take all the progress. Just one step at a time, right?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wishin' and hopin'....

Wishin' and hopin'
and thinkin', and prayin',
Planning and dreamin' each night of his charms.
That he'll be here in my arms.

Yes, I am now in the stage of the waiting game. (Alex Trebeck....queue in the Jeopardy theme song). We had our 37 week appointment last Friday and it was confirmed that he is all ready to go. Woohoo, we have made it full term! The ultrasound showed that he even has a full head of hair, was estimated then at 6lbs 11oz, and has a contracting diaphragm which means he's ready to use those lungs! So I figure, he is just now at the point where he is taking advantage of me. He's clearly ready for the real world here, but already isn't listening to his mother!! Silly boy.

My mission, as I choose to accept...is to walk this baby out!! And so, as I hinted before, I am now that mad woman at the track walking all over the place. I was even asked to leave by security today. No really, I was...but that was just because a gym class was on their way out. I definitely got the sympathy looks from the guards (as I do from anyone in public) as they wished me good luck since they clearly knew what I was up to. But I have now figured that our hilly neighborhood might come in handy since I start to get little contractions while walking up hill. Which gave me another idea...STAIRS. And so, this morning, I would walk from our bedroom, down the basement to get ONE piece of laundry, walk it back up and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Can you sense the desperation?!?

So I must request...for everyone to send some labor vibes our way. The room is ready. I have nested the house clean. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go. I am ready for the chaos. I am ready for the pain. But more importantly, I am just ready to meet Baby Gapp and officially bring him into our lives. So yes...lots and lots of labor vibes :)