Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wishin' and hopin'....

Wishin' and hopin'
and thinkin', and prayin',
Planning and dreamin' each night of his charms.
That he'll be here in my arms.

Yes, I am now in the stage of the waiting game. (Alex Trebeck....queue in the Jeopardy theme song). We had our 37 week appointment last Friday and it was confirmed that he is all ready to go. Woohoo, we have made it full term! The ultrasound showed that he even has a full head of hair, was estimated then at 6lbs 11oz, and has a contracting diaphragm which means he's ready to use those lungs! So I figure, he is just now at the point where he is taking advantage of me. He's clearly ready for the real world here, but already isn't listening to his mother!! Silly boy.

My mission, as I choose to accept...is to walk this baby out!! And so, as I hinted before, I am now that mad woman at the track walking all over the place. I was even asked to leave by security today. No really, I was...but that was just because a gym class was on their way out. I definitely got the sympathy looks from the guards (as I do from anyone in public) as they wished me good luck since they clearly knew what I was up to. But I have now figured that our hilly neighborhood might come in handy since I start to get little contractions while walking up hill. Which gave me another idea...STAIRS. And so, this morning, I would walk from our bedroom, down the basement to get ONE piece of laundry, walk it back up and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Can you sense the desperation?!?

So I must request...for everyone to send some labor vibes our way. The room is ready. I have nested the house clean. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go. I am ready for the chaos. I am ready for the pain. But more importantly, I am just ready to meet Baby Gapp and officially bring him into our lives. So yes...lots and lots of labor vibes :)

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Tori said...

We want another picture of the BELLY!!!!