Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Can't Put My Arms Down...

Just like Randy in A Christmas Story, Tyson was all ready to go play outside in the snow with Daddy!!

Deer Caught in Headlights with Santa

That's exactly what the T Man looked like when Bapa and Nana took him to see Santa this year!  (Thanks again Mum & Dad!!)  For such a smiley little boy, its pretty funny to see this one.  And it was a good thing for Nana that Santa had a real beard.  Because apparently after surgery, I lectured her that he better have a real beard because if he didn't, "it would be all her fault".  Gotta love those pain meds. 

The Gapp Christmas

This Christmas was a little different since I was still recovering from surgery and barely remember the day.  But the boys still had a great time!!  And more than anything, it made me appreciate the little things.  It didn't matter that our Christmas Eve wasn't what we normally do.  Or that we didn't have a gift for our pup.  Or that we didn't even get to take Tyson to see Santa this year.  But it's about the people in our life and the special moments we spend together.  Its just so easy to forget all of that.