Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True BFFs

This is Tyson and his best friend Paul.  Tyson calls him his Little Buddy.  And sometimes, he even tells people that Paul is his little brother.  It is practically true. They play like brothers.  Bicker like brothers.  And even say I Love You like brothers.  Last night they expressed all of these.  They fought over trucks, cried because they were tired, but then said I Love You to each other as they watched crack TV Mickey Mouse Club House.
Tyson seriously asks about Paul 500 million times a day (and I think Paul reciprocates the same).  He wants to go to his new house.  He wants to go to the pool with him.  He wants to drive at the track with him.  He wants to know if he is eating dinner or if he's still napping.  
I always envisioned that we would force our kids to be friends with our friend's kids.  Little did I know that they would become absolute BFFs.  I seriously believe that these two will continue to be two peas in a pod throughout childhood and beyond.  

We can only all imagine what these two will look like in high school together.  I am sure they will fight over a girl (we all hope Ellie), give each other a black eye, and probably get drunk or who knows what in our basements.  Elaine and I joke they will be like Rob and Big.  (Well...minus the fact Tyson isn't a huge black man...but you get the point.)

Either way...these two boys are pretty darn cute and I just love them both!