Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby makes 3

Well, it's true...we will be adding a little Gapp to the family. It has been quite the ride ever since we found out about our new addition. I remember the day I got the BFP (which is Big Fat Positive for those who are not hip on the pregnancy boards and websites. That's right, I'm cool now). I wasn't satisfied with my generic brand and so I ran out to pay more bucks for the name brand, First Response I think it was. They've got good commercials, right? Something like that.

When Ryan got home I couldn't say anything except show him the 3 positive tests (yes three). He threw up his arms as if he scored a touchdown....Scoooorrrreeeee!!! (And that he did). We soon told our parents and then quickly let the cat out of the bag and told family, friends, and coworkers. Since then, it has been quite the ride. The lovely morning-lunch-afternoon-night-middle-of-the-night sickness and extreme exhaustion is pretty much gone (whew!). And as you can see from pictures, my belly has seemed to already pop out here!! None of the books ever said that it would apprear over night, but there ya go! The most shocking moment has been trying on materity pants with my Mom. For those of you who have not had to wear these yet, watch out, they are as scary as they look!! I'm not quite to the point where I need to be in a spandex waistline, so I am getting good at the "rubber band trick" to expand current pants a few inches. Quite handy actually, I will demonstrate at Thanksgiving as I am sure many could use the trick at that time.

But so far the pregnancy has been pretty typical (well from what I read....like I really know what to expect!!) I have been emotional, cried at commercials, had cravings, gagged at other foods, but have also felt so happy and excited. I think my best "pregnant day" was when I finished the last pickle and all I wanted was another. So....I drank all the pickle juice! Mmmm, my mouth still waters thinking about it. And then, I continued to sob (like the puffy red eyes, running nose, uncontrollable kind of crying) while I watched....The NFL Hall of Fame show. That's right. I think we will have a little sports lover here, because as I watched Darrell Green talk about his career with the Redskins, I had to think....who the hell is Darrell Green?!? And why can I not stop sobbing about him!

Yesterday we had our 12 week appointment and ultrasound. I think both Ryan and I got a little choked up looking at the big screen and seeing that there was more than just a bean in there. The little bugger even kicks, moves, and flings out all over the place. Amazing that I can't feel that yet, but I know that will come soon. We even saw him/her swallow and then as the nurse showed us the bladder...oops, he/she peed right then and there. The full bladder we were looking at was now a tiny dot. Makes us so proud. Our little baby can pee! lol

Well, now that I have created this site, I will keep everyone posted!!