Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Gapp's Room

We have a room!! Now if only we could have a baby here to go with it!

My wall project. The baby's little hand prints and foot prints will go on the brown canvas'.

Closet....full with lots of little clothes!

And....We have a name!!! :)


HuskerLissa said...

I LOVE how you hung the wall art. The crossover ribbon is so 'classic' but yet I haven't seen it done that way. What a wonderful room!

Trevor B. said...

Awesome! And nice work using a "T" name... :) I'm so proud! :P

Kelsey said...

Super cute! And way to be ahead of the game. Christian still doesn't have his room put together, and he's now 7 months! I too love how you hung up the wall art, I might steal that idea...;) Cute colors. Cute name. Can't wait to see the cute baby now!

Elaine and Ryan said...

So cute! Can't wait to meet that little babe!