Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 28 of Bed Rest...

I've almost made it out of the land of bed rest and will hopefully be free to walk my little heart out this weekend. (Watch out power walkers up at the high school track, we've got a determined pregnant mad woman soon to be on the loose!) In the meantime I have realized that Callaway is going to have quite the shock once Baby Gapp is here. She has been totally spoiled with me at home every day, loves the constant attention, and thinks she's on bed rest too. Seriously Spoiled:I also discovered new uses for the ginormous belly: Cup holder, place for the remote, ledge to write on, perfect spot for the scrabble stand (as I kick Ryan's butt with my awesome word skills), place to rest arms, and perfect to set a bowl of cereal or dinner plate! The best is to watch a plate rock back and forth as he kicks like crazy.

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