Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bed Rest it is....

Well, I have made it through week one of bed rest....only 3 more to go. I have been put on bed rest for preterm contractions and can be off when I reach 36 weeks on Feb 20th. After that, it is back to my normal pregnancy restricted life. I am waiting for that day when I can at least go for a walk. Seriously, today makes it pretty hard. Here I am sitting with the window open on this beautiful 60-degree-spring-like-Saturday just wishing I could be outside doing something. Knowing that most people I know will be taking advantage of this day some how.

But I must say that Ryan has been amazing! Taking care of absolutely everything - cleaning, cooking, shopping. Its hard for me to realize that I will not go to a single store this King Soopers, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Park Meadows mall, and NO TARGET! Probably a good thing for our bank account and probably a solution my Dad would have wished for with my mom and me.

So I am hoping for these 3 weeks to go by quickly. Thank you friends and family that have stopped by or offered to soon. I do have a line up of movies, books, and Super Mario Kart to keep me busy. Feel free to send any emails or messages!! :)


Elaine and Ryan said...

I was just visiting and your countdown said 45 days. That is SOON! :)
See you tomorrow!

Kelsey said...

Oh wow. That sucks! At least you can get some rest (if that's really possible when your pregnant) before the little guy comes.