Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh to be Thankful

So, my good friend Tori wrote in an email the other day, "I can't believe you are going to be parents?!?!" Hold it up there...Parents?!? What a surreal word right now. Its kind of like when you finally get use to introducing your boyfriend as "your finance", and then you jump to "husband". Its a big step....Huge. And often catches you off guard the first few times. Obviously we have said now for 6 months (technically 24 weeks and 3 days...Gee...I'm not counting) that we are expecting a baby...having a baby...And Its a boy. But I am slowing making the transition to...I will be a mother...We will be parents....our son. It is just very surreal, but yet a wonderful realization.

Lately, I have been talking with Ryan about how some women say that they LOVED or LOVE being pregnant, and I sometimes wonder, "jigga WHAT?? " I don't think I am in 100% in LOVE with being pregnant, but I am 110% in LOVE with the outcome. Honestly, I have had a hard time with the whole waiting game (and most who know me probably say, "who you, Kathy? Impatient? nah!!!). But this is how it goes: You wait until you can tell everyone. You wait until 12 weeks when the chance of miscarriage has decreased. You then wait until 20 weeks for the BIG ultrasound to find out if its a boy or girl. And now you just wait!! And yes there's the food cravings, random mood swings, spontaneous crying, itching skin from stretching, fear of stretch marks, peeing 14 times during the night and 48 times during the day, clothes not fitting, and my favorite of the week...heartburn.

However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would take a moment to appreciate all the things that I LOVE about being pregnant. (Because really, I do love it...so I don't want everyone thinking I am a miserable mess here!). But I LOVE feeling him kick. It makes me smile every time and even makes it hard to pay attention at work. I love that Ryan can now feel him kick and love seeing the surprised look on his face. I love seeing my friends and families surprised looks when they feel him kick too. I love picturing and daydreaming about what it will be like and love knowing that it is just around the corner. I love how caring Ryan has been and love knowing that he will be an amazing father. (there it is again...."father"!). I love knowing that we know he's a boy. I love going into the nursery and just looking at how it is all coming together. I love imagining the Holidays next year and can't wait for the Gappster's first Christmas. I love looking at the Toys R Us ad and looking at all the fun toys for boys that will some day fill our house. I love that we are already starting to make "family decisions" and plan more for the future. I love knowing how great our family and friends will be. I love how this baby that is not even here yet has mended so many relationships and brought my family & friends closer together. And I love knowing that he's here with me always :)


Elaine and Ryan said...

Such a good post Kathy! I am happy you updated! You are the cutest little prego lady around! I am so excited for this little baby to come. You and Ryan will be great PARENTS!!! I can't wait to share in this new adventure!

Joe and Kelsey said...

I agree, you are just the cutest little pregnant chick I've ever seen! (I always get a little jealous when I see cute, 'skinny' pregos!) And the whole parent thing. Well, we've yet to really have that sink in ourselves. And we've got three kids running around!