Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cleared for Take Off

Probably the most memorable moment of our Hawaii trip was the Open Doors Helicopter Tour.  After listening to someone talk about a helicopter ride at a work conference, I looked into and we decided it was a must.

I was pretty pumped that we got to wear jump suits.  Cue the Top Gun Music, because I was ready to soar with Ice Man.  And yes, NO DOORS on this helicopter! 
Our tour flew us first over the west Maui mountains.  So beautiful!!
And then across the Pailolo Channel.
We then saw the beautiful sights of Molokai.  This island is home to Hawaii's largest and most spectacular sea cliffs, which can only be seen by boat or air.  Also home to the tallest water fall.
Dave (the pilot) took us so close to the water falls and just what felt like only a few feet above the trees.  It was kind of like an IMAX theater...but obviously much more exciting!  It was all an amazing experience and one that we will never forget.

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