Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are you ready for some football???

Anyone that knows Tyson, knows that he sure is ready for some football...and at any time.  I think the first word out of his mouth every day is football.  And even last night at Dick's Sporting Goods, he cried and cried because we had to leave the store and he couldn't look at the wall of footballs anymore (its a tough life for the 20 month old).  
And so it was just fitting that The T Man was a football for Halloween.  We found this costume at Target as an infant sleep sack costume.  And since Ty obviously running around like crazy, we cut some holes in the bottom for his little legs.  
He did a little Trick-or-Treating and definitely knew that the more he grabbed with his little hand, the more chocolate he would get to eat.   

We also went to Karlyn's house, who dressed up as the Incredibles, for a Minute to Win It party.  Ryan was Hulk Hogan and I was a vampire....Jane from Twilight to be exact.  We were quite the seriously group. 
He had some much fun....he was sad to see it end.  (Or freaked out by the Hulk)

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