Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheese Ball!!

I cannot believe it. This little man is 10 months old today!! Ten Months! TEN. I know I have said this three times now, but I really can't believe it. It is one of those things that has flown by so fast, but at the same time we cannot imagine our life with out him.

Mr. T really has quite the little personality these days. This is what I call his Cheese Ball face....because, well he's a cheese ball and I'm a huge dork. Pretty good match I must say. He is now babbling all over the place but no official words yet. Although Bapa claims he said his name months ago. The most popular noun for everything is Dada...and just about at any time he is in "pointing" mode.

Ty still eats like a champ. We went through a phase after a rough night of spinach and Ham & Pineapple (don't worry, came from two seperate jars)...and after gagging a few times on that he decided he wasn't too excited about this baby food. But we are back on track! Of course he is sometimes treated like the dog and given little table scraps here and there. But don't worry, we haven't moved him to the dog run just yet.

No full on crawling yet. Instead we get a kind of Army-pirate-dead-leg-crawl. Yes, that is what I have named the maneuver and working on getting a song named after it. Either way, I am putting my money on the steps coming first. He loves his walker, pulling himself up, and will soon be getting ready for the 400 hurdles.

This weeks Song on the Blog:
Sweet Pea by Amos Lee


Baby Mama said...

I love you baby Tyson!

Maureen said...

i seriously think it is illegal how cute your baby is.

Kelsey said...

Oh man. He is too cute. Love all those faces he makes. And great pictures.

Debra said...

Darling pictures!