Sunday, January 31, 2010

A dedication to Callaway

So it occurred to me. Every single post has been about The Ty Man. Mr. T. Baby Gapp. What ever happened to Callaway?? I can tell you what happened...low end of the totem pole!! I guess that is just what happens once the babe arrives. And so I thought I would dedicate a post just to Callaway. The Dup. (Yes, we call her The Dup, because at one point she wasn't quite a big dog, wasn't still a pup...she was a Dup)

So here's to you Dup:

Just the cutest little pup....ever

She LOVES wood and LOVES the water...
put them together, and its the best day ever

Soaking it up
She was by my side every day during Bed Rest

ALWAYS has a toy in her mouth
Look Karlyn...she even brushes her teeth!

She eats 2/3 of a pumpkin...

She loves all Holidays

And she just Loves to have a good time

And let's just face it...she is just pretty damn cool

But when it comes down to it...she was our first "baby"
So Callaway...thanks for always being there

This weeks Song on the Blog:
I'll Be There - Jackson 5

1 comment:

Trevor B. said...

Yay -- Glad Callaway gets some time in the spotlight! :-) She deserves it!

I think our cat knows what it's like. Now that we have Connor, Sarah tells Mittens "we love you -- just not as much as before". I think the poor thing has a complex now, but I guess that's what happens!