Sunday, July 19, 2009

In The Summer Time

Well, I must say our little All American Family is just having a ball this summer. So much that I haven't even updated the blog in the month of July. Ok, maybe because I am still trying to balance everything. And I even added another blog on top of it all. I Play It By Year - saved for a little more of my dorky humor and venting. But I promise I will stay more on top of it from now on. Little Mr. T has got some major fans out there and we can't disappoint them.

The Tyster is just growing like crazy. And so far, between adding apple juice and full time formula now, he is just packin on the pounds. I was happy to call my friend Tori to tell her that he's finally now getting his little chub fat rolls on his legs that she so wanted to squeeze! Sad that just doesn't seem to be as appealing on us adults.
I'll get us caught up here on some of the fun times we have been having:

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