Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tyson the Tiger says, They're Grrrrrreat!!

Chow Down little man. I'm tellin you, Tyson just loves his rice cereal. Our Dr gave us the A-OK to try it out at our 4 month appointment. First of all, have you ever made instant mashed potatoes?? Exact same consistency, wet or dry. And so far he's an eatin' machine! Of course now I know just how handy all those bibs and burp cloths are. (Thanks again Karlyn for all the cute ones you made!)

Updates on just how big he is: 15th percentile on weight, 70th percentile on height, and 30th percentile on head size. So what does that mean? We've got ourselves a tall and skinny boy. However, his little legs a chunkin up so much and gettin little rolls. Here's a pic just for you Tori!For those that have watched the Ty man, you may know that he's sometimes not the best napper. He's just so excited about the world that he can't seem to miss a step. So I attempted to get him a little friend that will help him relax. My brother (who has 3 girls himself) said that the toy was too girlie and needed to have dirt or some black football marks on it. But either way, as you can see the Bubba just loves his little seahorse. (And it plays musics and glows too!)

Here's a video of the Tysonators first bite (yes, I know its super long...Ryan's getting the editing down here).


Tori said...

So cute! Thanks for the chunky picture.

Michael said...

Love the pictures and video. He is too adorable! Shannon