Sunday, May 3, 2009

The "Sanitizers"

First of all...Tyson is smiling more and more each day and it just melts our hearts. You quickly turn into that obnoxious person talking in the highest of high pitch voice to try and get a little smirk out of the little guy. But it is all totally worth it. Already we can tell that besides looking at the beautiful faces of his Mama and Daddy :) he loves to stare at the blinds, railing, and anything red. Perhaps a matador in previous life...Get 'em bull fighter!

And now about the "Sanitizers":
So I am realizing that the world of Mommyhood is a completely different world and one that is very new to me. I have been going to the park each warm day and we love getting out and about. However, last week, I must admit that I was very intimidated (which is very rare for a social butterfly like myself). You know that feeling when you are walking in the school cafeteria with your tray, praying that you don't spill your milk and "straw-hat" meal while looking for the perfect kids to sit with that will hopefully become your bestest of friends?!? Well, that's how I felt at the park. But instead of trying to impress the "plastics" like in the movie Mean Girls, I was trying to get just a friendly smile from group after group of Parker Moms, which I like to call the "Sanitizers".

Now really, think about it...Every mom these days carries the Purell bottle in their purse, car, and in every room of the house just in case someone with the pig flu walks in and wants to infect your child. And I must admit that we fall guilty of this - of course with our generic Target brand bottles. However, the "Sanitizers" take it to another level. Not only do their kids have the cleanest, cutest clothes ever, but these Mom's are so put together and polished that their just-stepped-out-of-the-salon-wearing-a-juicy-warm-up-outfit look just doesn't compare to my thank-goodness-I-at-least-showered-and-threw-on-Ryan's-hat look.

Here I am..."Hi look at me and my new baby...wanna talk? No? Ok, I know he can't play on the slide with your kids yet or look adorable in the bucket swing, but look, he just grunted...he's probably letting one go right now and filling that diaper of his. How about just a little smile then? No? Ok then, I will just sit here by myself and read Shopaholic Ties The Knot and be the loser that I am" Ok, so I didn't really try and that may be more of an exaggeration, but it was very intimidating with these "Sanitizers".

Oh and by the way...if you are a Mom, and stay at home during the week, apparently 10:30AM is the time to go to the grocery store. So gather up those coupons and head to the nearest King Soopers.

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Trevor B. said...

ha! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find the cool moms to fit in with.

btw -- Happy first Mother's Day on Sunday! :)