Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Gapp Number 2

Yikes!!!  My last post was in October.  A part of me wanted to kind of stop blogging, but then I realized that this is really like an online scrapbook of The Gapp Life.  And since I have not made any real scrapbooks in about 7 years, it is probably worth keeping up.  It is no joke when the veteran Moms tell you that you will forget everything.  I have to refer to the blogs and facebook to try and remember key moments like Tyson's first step, first word, and the day we took away his pacifier.

So here we are in June and a LOT has changed since that last October post.  We are expecting baby number 2 due October 8th.  I would say that 98% of the time leading up to the big reveal, I totally thought it was a girl.  Mostly because this pregnancy has just been so different.
With Tyson, it was all about foods with as much flavor as possible such as pickles and Sriracha hot sauce.  However, this go round I couldn't handle hardly anything and the majority of my meals consisted of cereal (Thanks General Mills for your amazing Golden Grahams, total life saver).  I definitely had more "morning sickness", but the best part was it was all in the evenings.  Very convenient for teaching and really made me efficient in my grading.  The first year of teaching is hard for anyone, but when you know that you want to possibly throw up every night at 5:30 and be asleep by 6:30, it is crucial to have all grading and planning done ASAP.  Perhaps my advice for a first year teacher...just get knocked up.

However, as we led to the week of the big reveal, I was starting to lean toward a boy.  I was feeling very nervous about two boys since it is really little boys all around us.  And I think it was really the planning part in me trying to prepare myself for pure chaos.  I remember specifically an evening when I was tucked in bed (just after Wheel of Fortune at 6:58pm), and I was on Pinterest. I was looking at pink nurseries and started to actually cry at the thought that I would never get to dress a little babe up in pink dresses.  When just then, Ty walks in says, Hi Mama....  Farts....  And then leaves.  The tears turned into full on bawling.
When the time came and the technician asked which do I final vote was Boy.  Even though, deep down I had thought girl all along.  I think more than anything I didn't want to be disappointed or God forbid - wrong.  However, just so I can remember this too, on the day of the big reveal, I was feeling quite content about two boys.  I had a dream that week that we were hanging out with our best friends, our two boys and their two boys and we just laughed at the chaos and said...Penises everywhere!  I know its very simple but after feeling like I wouldn't be connected to this baby, I woke up thinking, every little thing, is gonna be alright (Thanks Bob Marley, you always know just what to say).

And so, at the appointment, the technician did all her measurements, which by the way amazes me.  I think my favorite part is zooming in on the heart chambers and valves.  CRAZY!!!  Seriously, technology is amazing.  She then asked if we were ready (ummm....duh, of course we are), and said that she already knew and had it written on a piece of paper on the counter.  WHAT??   We were both glued to the TV like it was 4th quarter in a Bronco Game and she already knows!!!!  I looked at Ryan and we both thought...well then it HAS to be a boy (if she saw a little somethin' as she was looking around.)

She zooms in and asks, "What do you see".  We said "nothing".  She asked if we knew where we were and if we saw the legs.  Ummm, yes, of course we knew.  She asked again, "What do you see guys?"  Again, we said "Nothing".  She leans forward and looks at us and said, "So what does that mean guys??"  Holy crap!!!!  IT'S A GIRL!!!

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