Monday, September 20, 2010

Love You More Today, Than Yesterday

Eighteen months ago, our little man, Tyson joined our family.  And I never thought I could possibly love him any more than I did that day.  But as every other mother is probably smiling, or saying, "Told You So", that little man has in fact stole my heart!  Of course there are still days when the whining does not stop (ok, Mum & Dad...I completely get why you gave me such a hard time for that!).  Or even days where he wants to smack us in the face or throw food across the kitchen.  But I swear (all you soon-to-be-parents), its totally worth it.  

Because then there is that laugh.  That sense of humor that I just can't believe he already has.  I mean...He really is a funny guy.  He loves attention and loves to say hi or give knucks to just about anyone.  Social just like his Mama.  
He jib jabs like any other toddler and I swear he learns a new word every day.  I think spending time with Grandparents and daycare during the week has been perfect.  He gets the spoiling of Grandma & Grandpa time (I know you all still do it!!), but then he is exposed to germs and other bad habits from the kiddos at daycare.  Ok, they aren't that bad, but we really do think that his vocabulary has grown because of his interaction with the older kids and it means the world to us for him to have that special Grandparent time.

Then there is his LOVE for sports.  And you may think that we are just making that up.  But I kid you not. This little boy LOVES sports.  Especially football.  Of course we are both thrilled, but I think we have maybe created a monster!!  Every morning, the first word out of his mouth is, "Ball" or "Football".  He loves to run with the football, points out a helmet when he sees one, and yells out "GO" any time he sees the Broncos or Gators.  But don't worry, we are not catering him to only one sport.  He knows that baseball has a bat, kicks a soccer ball, and is even learning (kind of) to dribble a basketball.  

He absolutely LOVES books. I was a little worried when we were in the phase of just slamming them shut.  I of course love the sport thing, but we need a little smarty pants too!  But now he really loves Books.  Loves to read them over and over.  And loves to sit in your lap as he flips through the pages.  
Ty LOVES to eat.  Anyone who has had a meal with us, can tell you that its as if he's filming the perfect commercial.  Every bite is followed by a, "Mmmmmmm", just as if it is the best thing he has ever put in his mouth.  So Nestle, Nabisco, and Betty Crocker...if you need an adorable little man in your commericals, I've got the boy for you!!

And more than anything...there is that smile!  Who can turn down that smile.  I already know that he will break hearts some day, because I know that I am already a sucker.  And the fact that this little rough and tough boy can also just cuddle and give hugs & kisses, it just melts my heart!
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Kelsey said...

It's so true. The joy of being a mom. Nothing compares to it. And love you little guy. Joey and I constantly talk about how stinkin' cute he is. Seriously.

Kelsey said...

That would be "love your little guy"...