Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Another Day....

Of Pure Cuteness. Seriously, I never thought that after 11 months (almost 12!!), I would still wake up every day, look at Ty, and think, "Oh my goodness, you are so freaking cute!!" I kind of thought it would be like when you get a puppy. You love the puppy so much, can't get enough, but then one day she's just the dog in the corner, the dog eating the food off the kitchen floor, or the dog that constantly licks your son's face. I suppose some day, Tyson will become "just the dog"...maybe when he's 13, right? But either way, I am soaking it all in and loving every minute of it.

ps...and check out those legs!! Boy loves to eat ;)

Song on the Blog:
How Sweet It Is - Michael Buble

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Kelsey said...

You are so funny!! But you are so right- he IS so freaking cute!!