Saturday, August 15, 2009

So Many Emotions

As you saw in the cereal post, we are finally putting up some videos. And as I also said, we are learning to edit (aka...Ryan didn't edit one of these videos and it is still really really long). But we both thought these were pretty funny.

And please note, that there were no babies harmed in any of these videos and we really are the most loving parents ever!

This one is poor Ty half asleep and half awake. (And no, there was absolutely no alcohol involved, even though some of his expressions may look familiar to late college or Stonegate beer pong nights.)

1 comment:

ann colomy said...

That is the funniest baby video ever ( crying on cue) I wonder if he'll "use" this trick his whole life.. boo hooing on demand.. cute cute cute.
xoxo Ann ( Elaine's mom)