Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to life...Back to reality

This look says it all.
We are all very sad about me going back to work. Ok...mostly just Mom. But the good news is I think I got all my crying out of the way last week. I just kept thinking, "This is my last Monday with him. This is my last Tuesday with him. etc. etc. sob. sob." And you all know I am a sucker for music. One bar of a song like Goodnight My Angel by Billy Joel or even Everything I Do, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams...and the water works start a flowin'. Seriously, I was a sobbing mess. Poor Ryan didn't know what hit him. I never thought it would be this hard. I'm kind of attached to the little guy. But the good thing, is he will be in good hands. He will stay with his Grandmas, other family members at times, and then a great home day care. I mean really...just look at us...we have had such a great time!!

As I am getting more out in the real world, I ask myself, when the heck will my "pregnancy brain" will go away?!? I'm sure my Dad would say, "Runt, those are just blonde moments. You've had them your whole life." But whether they are blonde moments, belated pregnant moments, or just distracted-lack-of-sleep-new-mom moments...I just don't know. Here are some of my latest:

1) At the gym, I not only went into the Men's restroom, but I used the restroom and didn't realize it until I walked out of the stall, looked at the row of urinals and thought, "hmmmm, that's strange." I quickly left and washed my hands in the women's bathroom. Because you know, washing your hands would be the embarrassing part!?!?!

2) My niece, who just graduated high school (I know I know, its crazy for those of you who remember her as a toddler dunking her head while bobbing for apples at our annual Halloween soccer party). her graduation dinner, I apparently spelled her name wrong on her card. So if you hear us refer to Kayla as Kalya from now on, blame it on the blonde.

3) Again at the gym, I get off the bike...get the squirt bottle to wipe down my nasty sweat and flat out spray myself in the face. Good news is the guy next to me got a good chuckle out of it and my face was squeaky clean.

4) And finally, in a photo album I gave my Mom for Mothers Day...I spelled my own son's middle name wrong!! Again, if you hear us say Tyson Kieth (instead of Keith), blame it on the dyslexic new mom.

Here are some pics of some of our latest fun times.


Jenn said...

I cried for an entire month AFTER I went back to work! The worst part is leaving, the best part is going home and getting the best smile because your babe is so happy to see you. Melts my heart everytime.

Kelsey said...

Oh, how hard! You're little guy is going to miss you like crazy!

Kelsey said...

And your little *mishaps*, had me busting up! It happens to the best of us. Only you make it seem just so cool;)

Elaine and Ryan said...

I love all your stories- especially the one about spraying yourself w/ that nasty cleaning stuff at the gym. Classic! :)
Sorry you are back at work. Lets plan a pool date w/ margaritas soon!

HuskerLissa said...

I LOVE the pic of the the two of you together!