Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Count Down is ON

T Minus 16 days until we meet our little girl!!! We have a scheduled induce date for October 1st which is Oh So Close!!

Basically this little girl isn't so little. And most people are not surprised at that news when they see how ginormous my belly is.  But either way she's in the 99th percentile for size and so now it's a different game plan. I'm still convinced they are off by the due date but we have tried our best and have gone no where with that argument. I mean...we were tracking things to make this all happen. And I have been measuring ahead this entire time. Just saying. Either way we head in on Tuesday for another ultra sound to see just how much she has grown. 

Teaching has been great but also exhausting (duh).  I was contracting quite a bit before school started and it seems now being on my feet and more active has calmed everything down. Thank goodness because at this time with Ty I would have been on bed rest for five weeks!!! More than anything I wanted to avoid bed rest. Its boring, hard on my body, would be challenging with a 4 year old and I really I wanted to start the year and get to know my students. 

I seriously love my job each and every day which makes it all that  much easier. The kids are great and I crack up at their concern that I might go into labor. If I take a deep breath or pause for a minute someone will say "omg are you in labor??". 

I had them all convinced that they would need to run to the vending machine to get me chocolate because that calms everything down. I had some students designated to rub my feet and massage my shoulders. But I eventually caved and told them its just not like it is in the movies and it will not be this huge rush of five minutes and counting to get me to the hospital. And if it is...well then it will be something we will all remember. perhaps teach them about the importance of birth control! Either way, their concern is pretty darn cute. 

Ty is READY. Every day he colors a picture or makes a bracelet for his baby sister. He asks a lot about when she is sleeping and if she ate what I just did. He tells anyone and everyone that he has a sister already. He talks about the jobs he will have when she's here and kindly requested gloves when changing her diaper. Too funny!!  And even this weekend he cried because he just wants her to be here!! 

Ryan is ready to go at any moment and his additional anxiety and concern this time makes me convinced that this little girl already has him wrapped around her little finger!  I just can't wait until I can see these two boys hold this baby girl! The thought already just melts my heart! 

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