Monday, October 5, 2009

Gapps in Da Swamp

A couple of months ago, Ryan and I were watching Sports Center, and naturally they were talking about the number one team...The Florida Gators. It was then, that I saw Ryan's eyes light up as he watched the highlights from the 2008 season and realized that if we were ever going to make it to a had to be this had to be Tebow's senior had to be when there is the possibility to win the NCAA Championship yet again. And so, we booked our tickets to the game (and let me assure you, those suckers were not cheap...but yet soooo worth it).

And so....On our Anniversary weekend, we left the magical world of Disney and drove up in our rented Kia Soul to Gainesville. We made a quick stop, and I have to tell you, we have never been so excited to be at a Walmart before. First of all, there were Gator fans EVERYWHERE. And everyone in Gator Blue. And second of all, just as you walked in there was a massive gator section in the Walmart that I know made Ryan drool. In Colorado, its rare to see anything, and I'm pretty sure we have bought every Gator shirt that randomly pops up at a Kohls. And so, I couldn't even imagine what the rest of the day would bring us.
Ryan planned the trip so well, that he found a tailgating group online. We got there and let me tell you, these guys know how to tailgate. SEC tailgating is like nothing I have seen before. There's of course the typical tents, flags, and beer pong table. But then they have DJ speakers, flat screen TV, satellite, and even a huge deep fryer. That's right...forget your usual brats, dogs, or burgers. These guys go big and battered up and fry chicken right there! It was awesome!! Rusty, Crystal, Mike and Tammy all put together the show and I have to say they do a GATORtastic job. Rusty said he and the boys got the idea at an LSU game to give folks like us a place to tailgate a have a good time. So....if any of you ever make it out to Da Swamp...please, stop by and see these guys because they just make you feel like family!!

Rusty & Crystal
A little bit of Chicken Fry...

Tammy...such a sweet heart and maybe moving to Fort C....(I'll keep my fingers crossed!)

And then to the game. As we walked up to the stadium, I would imagine that Ryan looked like a little boy seeing a professional field for the first time. He was actually speechless. It was pretty darn cute. The game...well it was everything we could have imagined and then some. And boy do they pack the fans in. I think the attendance that day came in just under 92,000...(and to think that Invesco - Mile High only maxes out at 76,125.)...and every single one of them in Gator Blue.

I "Heart" Tebow
The Gators of course won the game (In Yo Face Lane Kiffin). But it was pretty funny that the natives were a little bittersweet because they didn't beat The Volunteers by at least 30 points as predicted. Such Spoiled Fans!! The next day we headed to The Flying Biscuit for breakfast (Thanks for the recommendation Katie), and then toured campus. What a beautiful Campus! It was pretty darn cool that we could just walk up to the field. If we would have known, we probably would have scheduled a later flight so we could watch the boys practice...yes, Urban has them out on Sunday's too. Clear the room for Trophy #4...These guys mean business!

I think Ryan could have spent his paycheck and more at the book store. Seriously, if you can think of it, they have it...Gator Style. We saw Gator lamp shades, Gator computer chairs, Gator Grill Covers, Gator tooth paste, and even Gator Tire Valve Stem Caps. Luckily we had a luggage limit and had to stop Ryan at some point...however, I'm pretty sure I have a good Christmas list for the Ry Guy for a couple of years to come.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. I am sure Ryan is still figuring out one way or another he could some day officially become a Gator, however, I will tell ya...the kid bleeds Orange and Gator Blue!!

Ps...Tebow is the man...and Go Gators!!

And then some more....

This weeks "Songs on the Blog":
Go Gators by the FL Marching Band
Chomp Jaws by the FL Marching Band
Swamp Thing by Henry Paul

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