Monday, September 21, 2009

So Much in a Name

My parents came across these outfits that were the twins, Kent & Keith. And as most of you know, Tyson's middle name is Keith, in memory of the them. And I must say there is just so much in a name.

Kent & Keith were born on December 9th, 1977. Growing up, I always knew that is was very sad and tragic for my parents to lose two sons. My Mom and I had talked about it many times. But I didn't really get it until after Tyson was born. I have seen the pictures throughout the years, but once I saw them again at a family reunion, it was heartbreaking. I can't believe how much my family went through. And I now know just how special Tyson is and how life is truly a miracle.

We are very proud to include Keith in Tyson's name and I will be very proud the day that we will explain to Ty where the name came from. And even though Ty didn't get to wear these outfits for very long (I just forget how quickly he keeps growing!!), it just means so much that my Mom found these and we will always cherish them. It is truly very special!!


Kelsey said...

What cute vintage outfits. How sweet that little Ty gets to wear them now. He looks adorable! I am so sorry for your parents. It's hard enough to loose a baby, let alone twins... And you are so right. Until you become a parent, there is so much you just can't fully understand.

Elsie said...

Wow! That was so special! I know your brothers would be very proud that Tyson is wearing their clothes! He is beautiful, just like they were! I love you and now I am going to get more tissue!!!