Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Looks like we have a little cantaloupe!! Hard to believe that I can grow fruit, huh? :) Well, only a couple more days until we know if it is boy cantaloupe or girl cantaloupe. I have a strong feeling that it is a boy now, and yes I change my mind just about every day. (So if we find out it is a girl, don't tell her that my Dad constantly already says we need to take care of his grandson!!)

One of the reasons I am leaning towards a boy (I know this logic won't make sense to most of you), but I seem to be very emotional with sports. As I posted before, I once cried during the NFL Hall of Fame show. The latest was this last Saturday. Ryan and I were watching ESPN College Game Day and they did a special on Joe Paterno (head coach for Penn State). And all of a sudden as they cue in the music, I just lose it! I immediately start crying and if my husband wasn't sitting there laughing at me, I could have lost ALL control. So there, not even being a Penn State fan, my logic leads to me a boy...well at least for today!

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